Event Filming & Live Streaming

Event Filming & Live Streaming


With the live streaming being an absolutely integral part of the world of today, if your live events are to be professional, you’ll need…

VITVca has developed successful relationships with a variety medium to large businesses and organizations.  

Let help you PLAN your next event

Re Livestreaming
 Professional Video Production

PTZ and Professional Camera equipment ensures the latest technology to work with your videos.

Right Music for Your YouTube Video

Whether you’re video content we can search out Royalty free music or find a local artist that will write music for you video clips.

Tripods for Video

Tripods are a staple of professional filmmaking and videography. If you’ve ever tried to work without one, you’ll quickly learn why they’re so essential tools of the trade and come in many shapes and heights. 

Learn How to Pace Your Project

An often-unsung Video hero is the editor. Molding and shaping the story into something cohesive is sometimes daunting. With the perfect plan and great software I can wrap things up quickly as the clips are supplied.


It’s is best to have me come to you and consult with you on your idea. Once I see the scope of your idea. I can turn your idea into a plan and then I can give you a price based on what experience tells me it will take to film and edit your idea into a finished project.

I find it is best to start with a blank lined piece of paper and in point form start with you script of ideas. Leave lots of space between the lines and write it out either in a computer or lined paper so that you can keep adding things you want to see and things you want said till your satisfied with the layout.

Once you approve the budget. Pay the deposit. Weather permitting (if it is an outdoor shoot) then we can set out a date that works for you and we can get rolling on filming your idea. Editing will sometimes take a bit longer if all the assets are not filmed yet and or supplied assets are not sent to me. Getting these items to me quickly will ensure your project stays on target for your timeline you set out.

Once your project is completed and signed off and payment has been received we can post your video to the agreed upon site or Disc.